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Monday, September 10, 2012


This blog is possibly significant in representing my relatively new passion in distance running. Prior to this, long-distance events were not my interest, though I never excelled in any other distance either. Here were some of my previous official event timed runs.

100m - 11.96 - 2009
2.4km - 8:53 - 2012
10km - 52:13 - 2011

My interest in distance running was inspired by a disappointing sporting season, accompanied with a simple suggestion by Ben, a friend from church, to participate in the Sundown Half-Marathon. The sporting season that ended abruptly left me feeling that an alternative avenue for the training to pay off came in the form of the 42.195km challenge - to be elaborated in a separate post.

If there's an individual(other than myself) who deserves credit for fueling my interest,  I would attribute it to none other than Ben, without whom I would not have found a platform to develop my interest.

I believe my interest in distance running, amidst the satisfaction it provides, is the ability for me to find God in my runs. Running brings me to new places to observe nature and people. I find God in the vibrance of life. And occasionally I feel His pleasure when I run. This is why I run.

My stumble upon Ben's creation of a documented running log inspired me to do likewise. Previously, I only kept my training log in an excel sheet.

This is my brief introduction on my inspiration and background in distance running. I foresee that it's likely to be a long-lasting passion because of the spiritual and physical aspects it develops.

"The only journey is one within"

Rainer Maria Rilke

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