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Sunday, December 6, 2015

But to Serve

What better way. Not to be served but to serve. Read more here.

The Leaders. Too quick for the camera.

Bijay. Eventual Ekiden Champion team.

The crowd begins. 3:45 pacers.

Our leader in the distance (in more ways than one).

Our leader in the distance (FM) now nearer.

The three 10km Wheelchair leaders.

May the force be with you all.

The Gurkhas. Ekiden Champions.

The first half-marathon finisher.

Dr Mok. Local Champion.

First lady.

10km leaders. Neck to neck.

Lexxus Tan - Singaporean Master's Champion.

The crowds.

They don't look too happy... they looked forced.


And finally a bit of us.

Hoping to finish what we started.

The real 'Before'.


In action in the background. Credit to Runcapture.

Lest I forget - one moment that left me in deep respect.

Spot him. 5:40:24 was accepted by this sub 2:10 marathoner.

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