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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Asics City Relay Singapore 2016

Free slot earned from a simple contest! The requirements: post a 5km run and the fastest 12 earn a slot. In fact, it a little too much of a hassle to dedicate a run just for the contest, hence I cropped out my fastest 5km of a 14km~ run ;)

How best can I find the fastest 5km split in this varied course?

I started the day tutoring the P4s at BCCS. Thereafter came an enjoyable lunch with Wen Shien and Ben. I headed home feeling a little dreary - yet it was too late to get a nap. The afternoon passed quickly and it was time to head over to the Singapore Sports Hub.

With a friendly bunch - Wei Hsien, Alex and Eugene - we were the third team that was formed from the giveaway contest. Wei Hsien suggested we target a sub-3 performance. I knew that I could produce a sub-4min/km performance on my leg barring disaster in my legs. 

Beginnings. Credit to Asics City Relay's Facebook page.

I was off to a flying start as I happened to be positioned pretty near the front. However, I didn't keep it up for long, settling into a pace that felt like a trudge after the first two hundred. This meant I would be passed by so many at the start, leaving me more to catch as the race progressed. I was feeling pretty flat and the scorching weather despite the 6pm flag-off wasn't helping. Nonetheless, I know it was best I stay conservative.

Round 1. Credit to Running Shots.

It wasn't exactly an exciting route - two routes around the vicinity of the Singapore Sports Hub. There were numerous twists and turns, though no major elevation changes. As the race progressed, I found myself quickly catching hold of the many that surpassed me. For all those females that passed me - sorry but I didn't spot any that I reckoned wouldn't be overtaken by the time I was done with my race.

Sure enough, I passed the likes of some unknown females, many unknown males (since many had started so fast) and some more recognisable individuals like Tony Seakins (he's a great runner in his 60s but he probably isn't pacing himself ideally if he's ahead of me) and Rachel See (she wasn't looking too comfortable after what seemed like too quick a first round - if she was running the FM category). I was closing in on an SMRT runner with every step as I approached the end of the first run. As I passed him, I saw him turning into the transition zone, evidently he was running the HM relay category.

To begin the second round, participants had to run through an indoor portion of the stadium, beneath the seats. It was a pretty dark area with eerie blue lights. The runner in front was a good 50m ahead, hence I was pretty lonely while running the unfamiliar round beneath the stadium seats. As I emerged and exited the air-conditioned comfort of the stadium into the slightly less sunny great outdoors, I knew it was time to play catch-up. I knew that was my strength, particularly in non-key races.

Catching up on round 2. Credit to Running Shots.

It was time for some fun as little by little, I caught individuals. Having caught a majority in the first lap, there weren't many left but these were notable runners. Vivian Tang was running great - considering she was ahead of me in the second round - for a moment at least. I passed another individual whom I recognised to be Michael Hua (a pretty good masters runner) from a year ago in the No Frills Run 2015.

Credit to Pictureart.
As I approached the stadium, I caught sight of an F1 runner and another Caucasian. Pity The F1 runner was too far ahead, but I did pass the Caucasian just before transition to Wei Hsien. It was up to the team to do the rest - I had done my part.

31st place overall, 18th in our category :)

Location splits were a little inaccurate. I certainly didn't split a 18:12 5km.

GPS tracking was miserable through the stadium. Nonetheless 38:37 for the course sounds decent!

Awesome123 (don't even know how we got that team name).
Credit to Asics City Relay's Facebook Page.

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